Cool Props for Your Wedding’s Photo Booth

Photo booths are showing up more and more at weddings these days, and for good reason: they’re great fun! You can make your wedding’s photo booth even more fun with the addition of props to inspire funny poses. Check out these great prop ideas for your wedding’s photo booth!


There’s something about a fake mustache that always makes people laugh, and when people laugh it always makes for a great photo. Add top hat and monocle props to develop a theme and make for some funny photo booth dialogue.


Big goofy sunglasses are also sure to bring the laughs. The more ridiculous the better. Glitter, colors, animal print and big lenses are all a recipe for great photo booth props.


When you really want to say cheese, how about saying it with the real thing? Well, maybe not the real thing, but with food props, you can design almost any kind of food you want and make it part of your photo. Fake drinks are plenty of fun too. You can make food props yourself or find them online at arts and crafts sites.



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