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Kingdom Photo Booth… King of The Social Photo Booth Jungle™

Friday, April 4th, 2014

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Building photo booths is a joy and a privilege for the folks at Kingdom Photo Booth. The mission of our business is two-fold: helping people start a photo booth rental business with the greatest Photobooth equipment in the world so that they, in turn, can provide the ultimate photo booth experience to brides, sweet 16s, Mitzvahs, and others on their special day of celebration.

There are four or five legitimate photo booth manufacturers around the world, and Kingdom Photo Booth is the only one that focuses specifically on the special event segment of the market. Because of our vast experience in operating the largest photo booth company in Maryland, Kingdom understands better than anyone what the rental customer actually wants. We take that daily “life in the street” experience and build it into the Kingdom Software that powers every Kingdom Photo Booth, including our own exclusive and fully integrated iPad application called KingShare. KingShare wireless receives all the pictures from the photo booth onto a nearby iPad and allows the guests to view, edit, and alter the pictures and then upload to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr, Email or request reprints of the original pictures on the spot. KingShare is just one more reason Kingdom Photo Booth is the King of The Social Photo Booth Jungle™.

Kingdom Photo Booth is world’s leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum special event photo booths. With more than 1,000 booths in 14 countries and all 50 states, Kingdom Photo Booth is the standard by which all other photo booths are measured. Kingdom Photo Booth is also the ultimate in customer service, with live, in-house technical support Monday through Saturday from 9am to midnight eastern time. For more information on owning a Kingdom Photo Booth, please visit our website at