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Photo Booths: The Original Selfie

Monday, December 16th, 2013

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably familiar with the term selfie. A selfie is a photo that you take of yourself with your phone. Oxford Dictionaries added the word to its online dictionary (but not its printed one) this year, and named it their word of the year for 2013 after its usage jumped 17,000% in the past year, according to Reuters.


While selfies are coming into vogue with the rise of the smartphone, the act of taking a selfie has actually been around for a lot longer than smartphones, or even cell phones. Photo booths were taking selfies long before they made it into the dictionary, and long before they were being uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. There’s something to be said for the approach a photo booth takes to a selfie. While the principle is the same at heart, taking a selfie with a photo booth is a decidedly rarer occasion than taking a selfie with your phone. This is what makes a photo booth special. While smartphones have brought with them many conveniences that we now take for granted, it’s important to remember that we couldn’t always snap selfies to our heart’s content. So the next time you take a seat in the booth take the time to savor the moment, and you may find that you just took your new favorite selfie.


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